Things to do

Things to do

Tours and places to see in the city

The city of Sao Thomé das Letras has many attractions and lovely places to get acquainted with, are several waterfalls, caves and magical places, we have the peanut hill, a leaning street that, when leaving the car in neutral, instead of descending as usual, and a different energy in the place, can be seen acting in the car and felt in the body, this is just one of the many mysteries that awaits you in São Thome, come to know the city and discover the charm of this place.

Script of the waterfalls

This itinerary is simply enchanting, we will know the whole four cheeks, beginning with the Eubiose scarf, which has access with a short walk through the native forest.
Soon afterwards we will visit Flavio's waterfall, ideal for children, then we go to the waterfall of the Bride's Veil, the largest of them with a deep well, and we end up knowing the cahoeira paradise, with its small fall and a well, a quiet and very beautiful place.

Ride with approximately 4:00 hours of duration.

Screenplay park Antonio Rosa

This itinerary is a kind of "city tour" through the city, we will visit the church of the rosary, all made of stone São thome, also has the church of the matrix, which is next to the grotto of the city, where the slave João Antão took refuge , thus beginning the history of the city.
At the top of the Antonio Rosa Park we will visit the cruise, the pyramid, the stone of the witch, the belvedere and the lion's den, ending up watching the sunset, one of the most beautiful in the country.
Tour with approximately 1: 30h of duration.


Script of the Portals

Our first stop is in the Valley of the Butterflies, a lovely place where we will refresh ourselves in a beautiful waterfall and know a little more of this magical city.
As soon as you get to know the peanut hill, see and feel its mystical energy which moves the car and opposite direction, we will visit the positive point, which is stronger, and also has the negative point to which weaker, Come and meet all these places.
Ride with approximately 3h of duration.

Script of the Sobradinho

The neighborhood of Sobradinho is approximately 20 km from the center of São Thome, a place of incredible caves and natural pools, here you will visit the grotto of the sobradinho and surrender to its beauty, labyrinth grotto, green well, come and enjoy this enchanted place .
Before arriving in the small town we will visit the waterfall of the Moon, with a deep well, ideal to refresh before continuing the journey.
Ride with approximately 6h of duration.

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